The Happy Couple
Jenn Kay and Taylor Morassutti

These two met in 2005 while attending Queen`s University.  They were engaged December 28 2011 at the  The Hazelton Hotel… surrounded by beautiful candle light. Then celebrated at their favourite restaurant   Colborne Lane… Married at Trinity Chapel                                                                                          Reception at Gardiner Museum                                                                                                November 3rd 2012 is the big day!



Holly and Ted                                                                                                     Here is the Wedding I did earlier this year take a look…                                                   This is the wedding photographer please take a look…                                                Holly is such a darling young lady and is from the town in the country I went to school and lived nearby. Why this matters is she has all of the qualities of a country girl with big city sophistication my favourite balance…   I also did Ted`s hair and all of the girls in the wedding party. Ted`s mother I have known for many years I am so happy for the whole family…                                                                                              billyxoxo


I am so happy for Gina and Rupert.  I have know her since she was a very young girl when she was the flower girl at her sisters wedding.  well I have been doing her hair ever since. I take care of her, her sister, her sister`s children and now grand children. Three generations!!! I love having this family in my life.

Lot`s of LOVE Gina, Rupert and family…