“1973” I was 13 years of age and idolized my older sister and her boyfriend at the time. I was still going through a hormonal ugly phase 6ft.4″super skinny, I needed to find my groove and they were the coolest and most stylish around for many country counties. I asked so many questions, why this why that…he was co cool. He was in a Glam Rock band and dressed the part and had the coolest haircut. My sister had it going on with her style and haircut as well and was seriously inspiring. I needed and had to have  the David Bowie cut of the moment so I saved my money, hitch hiked a ride to town to Hair Power. My father asked if I was getting the Rooster Cut and I replied of course not, knowing very well….this is what I wanted to look like.tumblr_lowu22lbcq1qejrqso1_1280_large

This is the time in history when the Hairdresser was no longer and everyone became  a Hairstylist. I asked the Hairstylist Karen how she made this haircut work…the Rooster effect. She said Cut A  meets Cut B meets Cut C, D, and so on. I realized an architectural map in my mind and figured it out. Geometry!  I excelled in “Drafting” class in high school which made me think I was going to be an architect. I went home with my new cut and cut my sister`s hair then two neighbour friends on my first day of my new career. By the way we all had the same haircut, variety came with time.

These lyrics helped this farm boy realize a larger picture, that there were more like minded people in the universe and that I had to meet them.

These songs inspired not just my career but my life of curiosity.

I  always ask why and how.