Entertainment off the top…

The host Kingi`s house was worth the effort never mind feeling good about yourself helping others. This was the place to do it co-host JenniferMorton was the ring leader, director and pitching in making it happen. People bringing goodwill, wine and food.Mr, Chef – Jeff Forsythe stepped up to the oven to get the appetizers cooked and plated. There was a lovely door person Laurel that is 18 and ran the front end of the party beautifully.


From a Lassie paint by numbers painting framed on the wall, to a kitchen painted the colour of Kraft Dinner…

KD4Complete with these boxes all over the wall mixed in with Punk Rock references, a nod to Paris and flower arragment paint by numbers paintings…


This is the kitchen of an airbnb rental, which was opened up to us for the party.


This is where you can find this place on airbnb…

The bedroom…Glam Rock at its BEST


To the Seating Parlour… IMG_0412

Sitting Room…

IMG_0435  Residents… Boudoir

IMG_0439  Religious IconsIMG_0440


This is where the goodies come in…BamBoo Cookbooks for EVERYONE


This is where you can buy a copy of this easy and cool cookbook…

I ate there fairly regularly had a birthday party or two, when it was open and the food was fun and not so ready available anywhere else in the city at that time.

A piece of art from Kingi`s collection


The speaker this evening for this cause and so much more…Tara Sutton


This is Tara Sutton making us aware of the real time devastation, please listen to her…

This is the real deal here…