“Outdoor Porn”:
Ever have the yearning to get back to nature? Do you feel the need to escape the urban chaos and to get your “green fifteen” (clinical studies have proven that even fifteen minutes in nature a day can help our brain, our bodies and our souls). We all know our very own Billy does. As always, he’s ahead of the curve, finding connection and inspiration in the great outdoors.
But, Billy is not alone in his desire to escape the downtown core. Even though more people live in urban spaces than ever before, more and more of us are yearning for the quiet, the reflection, the oasis that nature can provide. Even the ever-addictive HGTV House Hunters series has recognised the appeal. Their “Off the Grid”
spinoff show depicts the search for the perfect hidden hideaway, sans electricity, indoor plumbing and cable tv. And to help further scratch the itch, there is an emerging genre of big, beautiful, colorful coffee table books, aka “outdoor porn.”
These books are stunningly beautiful works of art in themselves. They feature lustworthy tree houses, cabins, and escapes that are truly magical. For example, Taschen’s Tree Houses cover_va_tree_houses_1207231603_id_512904 offers a tour of the best tree houses in the world. Some are designed by world-renowned architects, while others are the brainchilds of unknown craftspeople. Each treehouse is captured both by photographs as well as by an illustration by the artist Philip Jodidio. This is a beautiful contemplation of a

structure that truly encompasses our potential relationship with the natural world.
Following on the success of Tree Houses, Taschen has published another absolute stunner, Cabins cabins_va_int_3d_04605_1408141542_id_801231. This book features architects who have embraced the call of the wild by exploring the possibilities of low- impact, minimal, eco-friendly and isolated dwellings. Spanning the world, these abodes are truly at one with nature and are, as such, innovative and inspiring as well as absolutely beautiful.
Gestalten is another publisher who has turned its attention to contemporary outdoor porn. The Outsiders the_outsiders_side-1 explores the new modern approach to being in the outdoors while paying homage to the pioneers of outdoor gear. This is a book about how to

be a modern day explorer of the world while making very little impact. It offers portraits of individuals and products from across the outdoor sector. Products like tree tents and kammocks combine technology and innovation is the best possible way. A how- to book for globetrotters and adventurers, The Outsiders will let you get outside in style.
Hide and Seek cbns2_side-1 and Rock the Shack rocktheshack_side (also from Gestalten) are two books that further explore hideaways in the great outdoors. From basic to luxury, these books take a tour around the world to find the most unique and most inviting of spaces at one with nature. These houses are fully integrated into the land around them. Seriously drool-worthy, this is outdoor porn at its very best.


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