The word ‘Bob” over the years was and is used for a variety of things Science Technology and Engineering, Music, Film, People, Military, Video games and Computing, Hair etc… My interest is hair and why Bob not Ted? The premise of this cut is to be cut straight around the head at any length up or down. Which is what Bob means think about bobbing for apples. Also this haircut can be with or without a bang or fringe. Now referred to as French Botox a phrase coined by those who don`t want to go under the needle.

 This was the first person recorded having the then irreverent haircut. She was sporting this style in the early 1890s. Mademoiselle Polaire “Pole Dancer”. This was her stage name she was a singer and dancer in music halls…her Real name was Emilie Marie Bouchaud.150px-Polaire1910Closeup

The next wave of the Bob was 1914 when the first World War broke out and women needed an easy hairstyle as they had to go to work. This changed Beauty Salons for quite some time as the Barbers at that time were cutting this style. Line ups everywhere and sitting on the floors of barber shops waiting their turn at this new craze. Irene Castle a renowned Dancer and Fashion Trendsetter gave it respectability in 1915.   Hairdressers quickly regrouped and joined in…hairbobbingsignbobby pinsLady Diana Cooper wore this style from her early childhood into her teen years then then continued again in 1914 as an adult.220px-Lady_Diana_Cooper_on_TIME_Magazine,_February_15,_1926

Then there was Louise Brooks sporting it in the early 1920s.  louise-brooks-bob-vintage ” Baby Peggy “

Diana Serra Cary was a child actor that made over 150 short films between 1921-1923…200px-BabyPeggy01

501cf656d3f7f5ede1245df95d1c33b7We have all seen the next wave of the Bob over the decades and fast forward to 2012. Where there was Make Wig Not War act 1 of Transitory Projects. Zine Cover and Poster boy Bob was made by  Roxy Cornwall who made all of the wigs for this project.Act1_Poster_WigNo.19-newcoverThis is where you will find Transitory Projects…

Moving on to Chanel Resort 2013 a new twist on this never retiring hair style. Pastel coloured wiglets..Unknown-1

Unknown721369-1_lRoxy Cornwall made a self coloured wiglet for Jenn Morton who is Wig 1 in

” Make Wig Not War”

photo-61photo-60 This brings me to the end of my story..

This is an never ending story really because it is such a strong statement and will always be in style in my books…