” DIY industrial design “

Kathryn PeetHomeMade-Modern.com .:. My friend Kathryn came across this little gem while looking for some modern yet industrial do-it-yourself ideas for her new condo. She loves the combination of rustic/industrial utility and the sleek elegance of Eames era 1950’s style.

Kathryn calls the host “Ben Uyeda” her YouTube boyfriend – and his HomeMadeModern YouTube channel has instructional videos on how to create his great designs. Check it out and subscribe at https://www.youtube.com/user/HomeMadeModern

EP52’s DIY Rocking Lounge Chair 1.0 looks interesting. A fusion of a Muskoka chair (Adirondack for those in the U.S.) and a rocking chair.


” I Was On A Date For This Screening “

I was born 1960 and was fascinated about the world beyond our family farm. Most folks were afraid of the transition from their safe and known environments. Not Me…

With a curious mind I read encyclopedias (our internet of the time) to see what was going on anywhere else in the world. My passion for hair was evident from an early age, I sat under the kitchen table of the local farmers wife that did hair for the county. The styles ranged from the forties to the sixties as the exposure was limited to the new trends. The social acceptance of the time was that of the fifties. This film was of similar moral values and stigmas that were hard to shed. There was an acceptable behaviour that was protocol not to be disrespected for fear of ruining the families social standing. This film represents the shift that only started to happen in the sixties and was really only truly expressed in the seventies in rural Ontario. Still taboo, but self expression and free to love who you wanted to was on the uprise. I am a gay man and I needed to move away from the farm to discover myself and who I wanted to love…

” Be Bold and Love “